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Take advantage of the latest ML tech in this effervescent space.

Competition is not slowing down any time soon.


Data Analysis and Statistics
Data Science Services

Your data can transform your business.

Data is the new gold, but mining and storing it is not sufficient.

We build AI that drastically improves company processes, at a fraction of legacy costs. If you already have the AI, we can make sure it scales optimally and with no service-interruption, while helping you monitor and enhance the functionality.

For us to do all this great work, our clients need to have one thing: Data. 

Custom Machine Learning Services



Your business, your quirks, your value proposition.
Let's boost it all with smart high-impact automation!

Top Research & Development

A breath of industry knowledge only comes after active participation in ML R&D.
We've already done that for the biggest companies out there.
Now we'll do it for you.

Versatility in Application

Whether it's Computer Vision for the metaverse future or Natural Language Processing for your modern service-stack, we have experience delivering state-of-the-art AI that simply works.

Add value from insights

By leveraging the power of data, you can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and internal processes.

Monitor clear and relevant metrics, anomalies and outliers.

Building a strong AI network

We believe in the power of education and community. That’s why we foster a talented network of 5000+ AI professionals, a vibrant and thriving ecosystem. 


Our approach



Get in Touch with Us!

Share your goals and values with us, lets ideate and iterate on what AI can do for your product now, and one-year into the future.



Discover the Possibilities!

We'll research the fundamental work already done at the intersection of your industry and AI, preparing best practices and general roadmap direction.



Create Your AI Foundation

We'll build or integrate AI solutions that fit your data, modality and outcome, creating a solid cornerstone for your business. First POC is fast and furious.



Continuously improve! 

We believe that even the greatest solutions can always be improved, so we'll partner with you to make adjustments and optimizations.



Deploy with confidence!

Our expertise ensures your AI solutions are deployed quickly and efficiently, with scalability and cost in mind.



Care for your AI Solutions!

We'll provide clear documentation and collaborate with you to keep your AI performing at its best. You can trust us to provide transparent and efficient maintenance and support. 

"We're getting a glimpse of the future through our collaboration with Brain-Waves. They helped us piece together an initial AI strategy, more data insights and direction."

- Nic Voiculescu / 

Our clients

Client - SmartWatt/Enlitia Portugal
Client -
Client - Vatis Tech
Client - Cegeka

Because we are!

And we've never had a partner that was less than grateful for the accuracy, speed & cost of our AI.

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